Wow! Chris can figure out in 30 seconds what it takes my color art guys 5 days to do!

Home Contractor

I wanted my comprehensive office remodel to reflect a professionalism and elegance that would attract more clients. Chris was sensitive to my needs and wishes and made splendid recommendations for colors and materials. Her ideas perfectly spoke to what I wanted. I highly recommend her color expertise for living and working environments.

Dr. Aaron T

Chris has an amazing eye for color! Working together by phone on a design project, without seeing the colors in person, she was able to articulate the perfect color combination to me. I tried it and it looked fabulous!

Libby V
Graphic Designer

I have worked with Chris Harper for 2 years now and found her to be a woman with the upmost integrity. While decorating my daughter’s bedroom, Chris made a number of useful suggestions that I have implemented: different color palettes to use on the walls and color-coordinated accessories. The suggestions were fabulous! It was a pleasure working with Chris, as she listened to my needs and requirements and executed them with ease.

Long-Distance Client in London, UK

I can’t begin to understand how Chris Harper works her magic with color selection. Whatever the project, she’ll just pull the most perfect colors seemingly right out of the air! All I know is that the world would be a much prettier place if more people knew about her talent and used her service.

Mort K
Web Developer

Chris has an amazing intuitive ability to understand exactly what my clients need and to create a custom color package for them. I have worked with her on many occasions for help with color selection and I appreciate the time that she takes to develop relationships with clients.

Soumil A

Chris is fabulous! I have been struggling with what colors to paint the rooms in my house and had made no traction, despite putting up a number of swatches. Chris came over and within a couple of hours we had picked colors for all rooms! She thinks of colors in ways I cannot imagine. I highly recommend her – I am going to use her for spatial arrangement and furniture/decoration advice as well!

Allison L.

I have worked with Chris on multiple occasions and am always impressed by how efficiently and professionally she works. I was in a panic about the state of my office space, and she worked with me over the phone on her day off. We made a few purchases, which all worked beautifully with each other. She is exceedingly smart, concise (my favorite quality in a professional), hardworking and conscientious. She came up with a color scheme for a whole house in three hours! I never knew someone could have color matching down to a science until I met Christine. Her knowledge, experience, intuition and ability to work with her clients’ concerns/preferences are second to none. She is my go-to person whenever I need to consult on interior design/color matching issues. I highly recommend her services to anyone needing/wanting assistance in choosing the right colors to go with anything!

John H
Healthcare Professional

Chris knows her colors!! I sought her expertise when I bought some plain dining room chairs that I wanted to paint. After looking at my apartment she advised me to paint them turquoise to give the kitchen, dining and living room area a much-needed pop. The bright color gives a new life to the space. Chris is professional, and extremely reliable. If you need color advice for your home or business, Chris is the person to call!

Jeanne F
Healthcare Professional

Chris, thank you so much for your color contributions to our latest project; the colors you selected are perfect. You’ve got a great eye!

Lisa C
Bath and Kitchen Designer

I am a painting contractor based in Oakland, and Christine Harper has done many consultations for my clients and, as someone who relies on her work, I have been very happy with her process and results. She is proactive, always touching base with the customer in a timely and courteous manner. She is direct in her communications with people, yet very sensitive to their needs. She navigates color selection and placement with ease. I am very happy with her work and will continue to refer her to my clients, friends and family.

Colin B
Platypus Painting

You will love working with Chris Harper @ Lifestyle Color Consulting & Decorating. Pragmatic, straightforward, with lots of great ideas for turning your home or office into a more cohesive environment. Chris helped us downsize, and she’s really great at identifying a schematic. She’s decisive about what to keep and what to lose–with her help, it became easy to let go of stuff that no longer held meaning, keeping those things that contributed to our new home. She listens, responds and produces.

Janet P.

Christine Harper is a true professional and a pleasure with whom to work. I have worked with her on two different occasions and both times I was thrilled with the outcome. Christine is quick but thorough. On this last job we focused on my family room–a complete overhaul. In our first meeting we selected a sofa, rug, paint color and discussed window treatments. I have a budget and Christine knew where to guide me to get the most value. We had so much fun brainstorming about the atmosphere I want to create in the space. Christine offered many ideas that aligned with my vision. If you want to work with a gifted professional, look no further. She also offers her Design In a Day service, where she helps you create the space that you have been longing for!

Katie M.

There comes a time to call an expert to avoid making costly mistakes in a home improvement project. Even though I have a fine arts background, choosing paint colors for my home’s exterior was beyond my abilities and scary to contemplate because the wrong color would be costly to fix. Christine Harper, color consultant, was the answer to my dilemma. She is experienced, knowledgeable and easy to work with. She was patient as I made choices, and she quickly designed a plan for my home exterior that is exciting to anticipate and will work beautifully with our new landscaping.

Pam C.
Professional Organizer

Chris Harper of Lifestyle Color Consulting & Decorating is very talented and knows about color. I hired her to match the color that I saw on a building. She immediately drove by the address that I gave her to look at it. She presented several choices with her color chart, then followed through with the paint code number and the product supply company. As this color would be used for my master bedroom, Chris Harper suggested color combinations for linens and curtains that would be perfect complements for this project. WOW!

Pat O.

Several of my clients have hired Chris Harper and everybody loved not only her color selections, but also appreciated how she showed them the process she used to make those decisions. This gives them some structure and freedom to make changes at the same time. Chris loves her work and I know she does a lot more than just color consulting for architecture and design. She does wardrobe and more. Plus, she is fun to talk to about pretty much anything.

Paul P
Acme Builders, Residential Contractor

We hired Chris to design our color scheme, and she advised us on wall art for our office. When my wife starts talking about painting our home interior, my initial thought is that we're not painting anything until we've talked to Chris first.

Frank P.
Financial Planner