We purchased a new home in Scottsdale but knew we had to change out all of the flooring and tile and completely repaint before we moved in. We brought home a dozen paint samples over time, painting samples of each on several walls. Every time we thought we had made a decision the paint colors would change due to daily if not hourly changes in natural light in the different areas of the home. This, of course, would affect how the walls would look with the different flooring options that we fell in and out of love with.

We found Chris, read her reviews, and she came out to our present Scottsdale house to see what we had and our esthetic on a day that suited our schedule. We then went directly over to the new house and she toured it to get an idea of the issues. She approved of our potential floor choice as it went well with hard surfaces that we could not change. Given that, she was meticulous in integrating the rooms with each other in terms of paint color explaining that the undertones of the paint were crucial. We went area by area and could see subtleties that had not been obvious before. It was truly a collaborative effort

By the time Chris left we had chosen paint, carpet and tile that pulled the entire house together in a cohesive way that reflected our taste and her expertise.

She accomplished in under 3 hours what we could accomplish in 3 weeks.

We highly recommend Chris.

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